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Staff day off ends in a win at the Exmouth Billfish Tournament


Tristan Jahme, Operations Manager, Novotel Ningaloo Resort, entered the 2016 Exmouth Billfish Tournament. Here is his experience.

I was lucky enough to get some time during the quieter operations of the resort to be able to enter the 2016 Exmouth Billfish Tournament.

The tournament went for three days and our team was lucky enough to win the tournament! We won the overall tournament and also won the light line category as well as having tagged and released all our marlin on 10kg line.

We tagged the first marlin within the first 30 minutes of starting on day one, which had us off to a good start.

Day two was a very slow day and we only managed to catch a mahi-mahi, which doesn’t count, as only billfish count towards the tournament. We had a sailfish and a black marlin strike but unfortunately couldn’t get the hooks to set.

Day three was our redemption day and it saw us raise six marlin, hooked up to five marlin and tagged and released three marlin, all on 10kg line. All were black marlins estimated at 45kg, 50kg and 85kg.


In the picture is my estimated 50kg black marlin that we tagged and released having caught it on 10kg line. I caught it in about 120 metres of water and it took roughly 30 minutes to get it onto the boat before we could tag it. We had to be careful not to pull too tight a drag because we were using such light line.

I couldn’t imagine any other place in the world where one could enjoy working at such a great resort and also being able to maintain such an amazing work life balance!

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Novotel Ningaloo Newsletter - March 2016

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